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Shaving can be a pain, right? If you’re tired of nicking yourself every day or you just want to save time when you’re getting ready for a night out, waxing might be the perfect solution. At Timeless Beauty Renewal in Texarkana, our hair removal services are focused on utilizing natural materials, specifically Epilfree, to provide you with silky smooth skin without introducing harmful and abrasive chemicals into your natural biome. From brow waxing to delicate Brazilians, we’re here to help.

Our Services

  • Epilfree Hair Removal

  • Bikini Wax

  • Brow Shaping

  • Brow Maintenance

  • Chest Wax

  • Chin Wax 

  • Full-Back Wax

  • Full-Face Wax

  • Half-Arms Wax

  • Lip Wax

  • Sideburns Wax 

  • Stomach Wax

  • Underarm Wax

  • Upper Lip Wax

  • Full-Face Series of 10

  • Brazilian Series of 10 

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Waxing for Any Area of the Body

All of us have problem areas on our bodies that deserve professional attention. If you have stubborn hair or growth in hard-to-reach places, it pays to work with a professional who knows the value of quality waxing. From getting ready for a beach vacation to prepping for a weekend spent with your close friends, a well-executed wax can make you feel like a new person. Book an appointment with us to take care of your body in a clean and healthy way.

Epilfree Hair Removal

Epilfree hair removal is an alternative nondamaging, pain-free, and permanent solution to smooth and beautiful skin. 

Epilfree is also 100 percent natural, safe, and effective. The amount of treatments needed varies between individuals, but can usually be completed in under 12 sessions.

Epilfree works by slowing down the hair growth cycle. Because your hair grows in stages, it takes a few treatments before all new growth is permanently stopped.

Have questions? Call Timeless Beauty Renewal today to hear more about this revolutionary hair removal service.

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